Uncertainty is on everyone’s minds. How will we emerge from the crisis? Do we have the people needed to succeed?

Many organizations are thinking about recovery, and what the future of their business looks like. In six months. In 12 months. And beyond. That’s the initiative behind this three-part webinar series for senior business and HR leaders. To look at the likely changes post-COVID that will impact leaders, their people and their organizations.

In each session, we’ll have a frank dialogue about your challenges and discuss impactful strategies and solutions for not only surviving but thriving beyond the crisis.

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How organizations can transform to perform
 Recorded on April 29, 2020

While this crisis has been one of the most challenging situations organizations have faced, we have also seen agility, decisiveness and collaboration flourish . How can you align your organization to keep the best of what you’ve become and embed the behaviors you need to thrive after this crisis into your culture? 


Shaping the future workforce
 Recorded on April 30, 2020

As customers’ and employees’ needs change, transforming your workforce is key. How is work going to change and how will you help your people adjust in the short and longer-term? What skills and people will you need to succeed in the future? And what practical actions should you be taking right now?

Future-proofing leaders
Recorded on May 1, 2020

This crisis has been the ultimate test for disruptive leadership. How can businesses draw on what they have learned to surround themselves with the leaders they need to thrive in an uncertain world?