Digitization and the changing global economy have created a demand for new jobs, new skills and new capabilities. But it’s not just work that has changed, workers are changing too.

A Korn Ferry research of talent acquisition professionals shows that many workers are opting to work as independent rather than as full-time employees,  often on a contingent basis. Many candidates today are also looking at organizational culture and quality of life in determining where they want to work. 

Our research also found that it’s harder to find qualified talent today compared to just one year ago. As a result, organizations are scrambling to find the right workers to fill their positions.

In this seminar, our experts will share a strategic approach to identifying and acquiring the top talent your business needs. We will discuss:

  • Key findings of our research and their implication for businesses and HR professionals.
  • The hardest-to-fill positions – what you can do about them.
  • How to align your recruiting approach to the realities of the contemporary workplace.

Attend this online seminar to be best positioned to win the talent acquisition game in the years ahead.

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Mark Devine
Center of Excellence Lead, ANZ

Mark leads the Center of Excellence for Korn Ferry's Futurestep division in Australia. He is responsible for a team of sourcing, technology, employer branding, process and innovation specialists to create and drive ‘best in class’ talent acquisition practices. With around 20 years of talent acquisition, brand and communications experience, Mark has worked with some of Australia’s leading corporates including NAB, Australia Post, Foster’s Group and Telstra. 

Wendy Nicholls
Products Business Lead, Asia Pacific, Korn Ferry Hay Group

Wendy heads up Korn Ferry Hay Group's Product Business in APAC. She and her colleagues provide powerful and intuitive online tools to gain world-class insight into people. She has extensive experience in working with organizations across the region to identify their critical talent.

Sue Campbell
Managing Director, Korn Ferry Futurestep, Asia

Sue leads Korn Ferry Futurestep in Asia. She has more than 20 years of international experience in resourcing and talent management and is passionate about discovering and delivering the talent that makes the greatest impact on her clients' business.

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