As the world reels from the impact of Covid-19 and economies are being restructured at pace, the Chairs of Australia’s leading companies are reacting to the crisis while ensuring the companies they serve have the resilience and strength for the future.

The Chair of the Future – Towards 2025, is the latest research report from Korn Ferry. It examines the changing role of Chairs and the boards they lead between now and 2025.

Korn Ferry conducted interviews with Chairs of our most prominent organisations and influencers with a stake in future board governance including leaders at industry super funds and proxy advisers. Our aim was to learn how Chairs are resetting the boards they lead to be fit for the future and the skills and characteristics required of directors in 2025.

Please join Chairs and business leaders in conversation with Korn Ferry Australasia CEO, Tim Nelson, and Vice Chair, Alexandra Goodfellow as they discuss the critical success factors for the Chair role in the future and what they need to do now to ensure they have the required skills and experiences to lead boards in 2025.

Patrick Allaway

Hamish McLennan
REA and Rugby Australia

Pat O’Sullivan

Tim Nelson
Korn Ferry Australasia

Alexandra Goodfellow
Vice Chairman
Korn Ferry Australasia

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