A new Korn Ferry study finds that a global talent crunch is looming. This will lead to skilled labour shortages hitting both developed and developing economies – costing nations trillions of dollars in unrealised annual revenues by 2030.

In the midst of this impending crisis, leaders are given tools to manage their people and organisations that were designed for a more predictable time. They are asked to plan for a future that may not exist – to choose successors for roles that may well vanish. It is clear that these traditional approaches to talent management must change in order to become sustainable and ensure future business success.
So what can organisations do to reimagine their talent strategy and mitigate the impact of the talent crunch?

Join our webinar to learn:

  • What the Talent Crunch really means.
  • How to ‘Refresh’ or ‘Disrupt’ your talent strategy
  • A framework for reimagining talent management
Lesley Uren
Senior Client Partner, UK

Jonathan Holmes
Managing Director, Middle East and North Africa

Regional Leader, Products