Companies have been overwhelmed by a digital revolution. Technology and automation have become the focus of most organizations. Now they are starting to realize that technology alone cannot boost performance and deliver shareholder value. It’s time to bring the true value of human capital into focus.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why most businesses are stuck in the technology trap.
  • How companies can maximize their value through people and measure human factors for success.
  • Practical steps to build a partnership between people and technology - your greatest source of future competitive advantage.

Attend the first seminar to learn what the future of work will mean for your organization and questions you need to start asking today.

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Mike Distefano
President, Korn Ferry Institute

Mike heads up the Korn Ferry Insitute - our research and analytics division, established to share intelligence and expert points of view on talent and leadership. He oversees the development of Korn Ferry's intellectual property, innovation and thought leadership. Mike is passionate about the importance of people in boosting organisational performance and is the driving force behind our research into the 'Future of Work'. 

May Knight
Managing Director, Korn Ferry Hay Group - Hong Kong

May drives the growth of Korn Ferry Hay Group business in Hong Kong. She has over 25 years of experience across many business aspects including strategy development and execution, organisation design, distribution and marketing effectiveness and digital transformation.

Tim Nelson
Managing Director, Korn Ferry Hay Group - Australia & New Zealand

Tim has more than 30 years experience in growing businesses and executing global executive search and talent management solutions across the Asia Pacific region.

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