Emotional Intelligence research series

The concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) has captured the public interest over the past 20 years, with companies looking to develop the soft skills of every member of their organization – from graduates to the boardroom. Estimates suggest that at least 75% of Fortune 500 companies have adopted EI-related products or services, helping EI to develop in to a multi-million-dollar industry.

But what is meant by ‘Emotional Intelligence’? What are we measuring with these tools? And how can we be sure that the results are valid?

Our series of five reports, developed in partnership with Richard Boyatzis and Dan Goleman, shares recent research, and the implications for qualified practitioners and coaches developing EI through training, coaching and education.

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  • The impact of EI on job performance, job satisfaction, career and life satisfaction, employee engagement and career success.
  • Findings from neuroscience and psychology that challenge assumptions about task-focused and people-focused leadership.
  • Studies carried out by researchers from a number of universities which reveal how EI impacts workplace outcomes in different contexts and roles.