The future of reward in the UK

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How did your UK pay strategy perform against 2017 challenges?

Those who managed reward in the UK during 2017 would have found themselves caught in a pincer between a small budget to fund increases to the pay bill, and a tight labor market. The economic outlook was uncertain, but we knew a sharp rise in inflation was on its way. Most experts suggested price rises of around 3% but it was clear from our research that budgets for pay increases in most employers rarely exceed 2.5%.

The pincers’ grip was further tightened by the pressure on firms not to pass on all their additional costs which, for manufacturers at least, rose at their fastest rate for a quarter of a century. And then there were further increases to the National Living Wage, skills shortages - particularly those associated with the drive towards a digital economy – and a more militant attitude to wage negotiations after years of pay restraint.

Given these challenges, it is important to have the correct pay strategy in place. Watch our webinar to gain insights on UK and global trends in reward and talent management for 2017.

Watch now to discover:

  • Talent management trends and their impact on reward management.
  • Global and UK pay market movements, hot jobs and hot labor markets in the UK.
  • How multi-nationals and local companies operating in the UK should respond to regulatory changes to stay ahead and retain the best talent.

Presented by:


Mark Thompson

Head of Reward Consulting, UK & Ireland

Korn Ferry Hay Group



Mark Robinson

Reward Information Consultant

Korn Ferry Hay Group

Heather Eachus

Talent partner programme manager

Korn Ferry Hay Group 

Andrew Bridgewater

Chartered psychologist, executive coach and author


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