The future of reward in Russia

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What are the main reward challenges in Russia?

In 2017, when Russia faced an unstable economic and political climate and companies looked to cut their budgets, it was important to address the pay challenges that came with these issues. How real was the promised 4% inflation rate and did companies align with it to increase salaries?

Surprisingly, Russian companies’ remuneration structure is in line with global practices. But, for some, the devaluation of salaries is still apparent, when compared with the rest of the world.

Listen to our Russian-based experts discussing these topics to reveal the main trends and current situation the local market faced in 2017; in terms of salary raises, hiring, pay equity and how these differed across the regions.

Watch now to discover:

  • The economic challenges the Russian market was expected to face.
  • What Russian-based companies expected to plan for reward in 2017.
  • How Russian-based companies defined their reward offerings.

Presented by:



Olga Krivospitskaia

Market leader, Russia

Korn Ferry Hay Group


Liana Zhabbarova

Senior Analyst, Russia

Korn Ferry Hay Group


Heather Eachus

Talent partner programme manager

Korn Ferry Hay Group 

Andrew Bridgewater

Chartered psychologist, executive coach and author


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