The future of reward in the Middle East

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Navigate reward challenges in the Middle East

2016 was a year of continued economic shock and political upsets, and in 2017 oil prices continued to be a significant drag on the Gulf economies. Despite this uneasy situation, the GCC economies showed considerable economic strength and most countries registered positive, albeit slow, economic growth.

This webinar discusses the reward challenges faced by Middle Eastern organizations in 2017, and potential measures to be taken to navigate those challenges, as well as the expected salary growth.

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  • Impact of VAT in the region.
  • Nationalization agenda in the GCC.
  • Rationale for reward and cost-optimization.

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Warren D'Cruz

Senior Client Director

Korn Ferry Hay Group


Keeran Kaur Gill

Senior Account Manager

Korn Ferry Hay Group


Heather Eachus

Talent partner programme manager

Korn Ferry Hay Group 

Andrew Bridgewater

Chartered psychologist, executive coach and author


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