The future of reward in Germany

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Global reward webinar series

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Setting the right reward strategy

2017 was a challenging year with market fluctuations and economic uncertainty. Germany has a new gender pay equality bill bringing more clarity to reward. Beyond that, a higher inflation of 1.7% brought less real wage increases year over year. Retention of key talent and transparency in reward communications is more needed than ever.

This webinar addresses the global megatrends affecting reward in Germany and how companies need to respond. We cover relevant topics such as rewarding innovation, the digital economy and increasing public and political scrutiny on gender pay equality and talent retention.

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  • Salary forecasts and market trends in the biggest sectors in Germany.
  • Hot jobs and trends in hiring the best talent on the market.
  • Changes the German market is likely to face and how this will impact pay and reward.

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Timea Rozsas

Client Director

Korn Ferry Hay Group


Thomas Gruhle

Market Unit Leader Productized Services for Germany and Austria

Korn Ferry Hay Group


Heather Eachus

Talent partner programme manager

Korn Ferry Hay Group 

Andrew Bridgewater

Chartered psychologist, executive coach and author


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