Korn Ferry's annual Global Salary Forecast for 2020 shows that slowing inflation makes for higher real-wage increases across most parts of the world.

Every year we release salary predictions for the following year based on data collected from 20+ million employees in 25,000 organizations across 130+ countries.

Our 2020 salary forecast data shows that, while real-wage growth is predicted to be higher than 2019, lower rates of inflation for 2020 may foreshadow expectations of a stalling economy in several key countries. 

For organizations this raises several challenges around maximizing impact of limited reward budgets in order to motivate and retain top employees, while also getting the best possible ROI on reward spend.

In this webinar our reward experts examine the results of the forecast, discuss why we're seeing these predictions, and what this means from a business perspective going forward. 

Register to learn more about:

  • The latest salary predictions for 2020
  • Economic trends and their implications for business
  • Allocating reward spend to attract and retain top talent
  • Considerations around employee motivation when salary increases are tight
Don Lowman
Head of Reward and Benefits Consulting

Don Lowman is Korn Ferry’s Global Leader in Rewards and Benefits. He has worked with organizations across the world to design compensation systems linked to initiatives for improving performance, retaining key executives, and enhancing shareholder value creation.

Benjamin Frost
VP & General Manager of Pay Products 

Benjamin Frost is Korn Ferry’s Global General Manager for Pay. He has worked with many of the largest organizations in the world to help them use data to get their reward and talent management right.

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