It is the nightmare of every HR professional.

The entire organisation is watching and waiting, and the senior leadership is focused on the employee survey results, wanting to show that they are doing everything to address the issue areas identified in the survey.

But what do you do if the results indicate an uncomfortable issue area such as top leadership, pay, benefits, staffing, respect for employees, lack of teamwork, etc?

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  • How to address the tough issues by tying survey results to real-world metrics.
  • How those linkages can help to make a solid business case for driving positive change and a winning communication game-plan back to employees.
Stephen Choo Ph.D.
Vice President, Solution Design, APAC
Korn Ferry

Stephen helps clients gain organisational and business insights from employee survey research. He assists clients in effectively drawing conclusions from survey data analytics to focus on the most significant findings, transforming survey insight into impactful action plans.

Brent Ruge Ph.D.
Senior Client Director
Korn Ferry

Brent is an expert in measurement-driven organisational change, employee engagement, and human capital strategy. He has worked with senior teams in 20 countries and 5 continents to design customised measurement systems, diagnose issues, and develop strategies for improving organisational performance.

Daniela Adaggi
Regional HR Director, Asia & Head of Group HR Business Transformation

Daniela has extensive experience in human resources with a proven track record in culture & engagement, performance enhancement, talent management & leadership development, along with a full range of generalist HR functions within financial services across Asia, South Africa & Australia. She is passionate about maximizing people’s potential, building high performing organizations, and promoting best practices in HR management to address different circumstances and environments.