More than two-thirds of senior leaders think technology will generate greater value for their business than human capital. But the financial reality - as proven by our Future of Work study - shows that the value of people outstrips that of technology by a considerable amount. 

To unlock their workforces' true value organizations need leaders who are able to realize people’s potential. They need to enable leaders at all levels to develop soft skills and the ability to lead and deliver strategic change - critical factors of success for companies in the future of work.

Join our leadership experts in this seminar to learn:

  • How to identify the right leadership capabilities required for your business' future success.
  • That leadership is not a luxury item reserved for the upper echelons of organizations. To succeed in the future of work companies have to develop the leadership capacity of staff at every level.
  • How to make development a continuous activity where experiences build upon one another and foster constant growth.

You will walk away from this seminar ready to challenge your company's approach to leadership development and with practical ideas on how to get your leaders ready to unlock the true value of people in your organization.  

This is a five-part webinar series. Watch the webcast of the previous events: 

22 March - The Future of Work is Human
4 April - Planning Your Workforce for the Future
19 April - How to Assess and Acquire Your Future Workforce
3 May - The Future of Employee Motivation and Retention


Anita Wingrove
Senior Client Partner and APAC leadership expert

Anita is a Senior Client Partner in our Melbourne office. She has over twenty years of business and HR experience across Asia and only recently moved back to Australia from Hong Kong. She's an expert in senior leadership reviews, CEO succession planning, CEO and top team development and talent development initiatives for clients across various industries.

Jacqueline Gillespie
Senior Client Partner and APAC leadership expert

Jacqueline is a Senior Client Partner in our Sydney office. She focuses on the impact of leadership on engagement and business performance, top team effectiveness, leadership capability development, and talent management strategies. She has led leadership consulting practices in Southeast Asia and Australia and is regarded as one of APAC's leadership experts.

Gladdy He
Senior Client Partner and APAC leadership expert

Gladdy is a Senior Client Partner in the Shanghai office. She specializes in human capital development including executive coaching, leadership succession, strengths-based management programs and talent selection.

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