In today’s turbulent world, some organisations have become better at planning for and mitigating against risk in the face of a crisis. But for many others, this is a time confusion, fear, and rash decision-making.

In these learning sessions, Korn Ferry experts will share their insights on how leaders can adapt to the changing circumstances, build a culture apt to deal with constant disruption, re-think their engagement and reward plans in times of crisis and, ultimately, get their organisations ready for when the market recovers.

Secure your place at these complimentary sessions now:

Webinar 1: Leading through crisis and beyond COVID-19

Recorded on 2 April 2020
Duration: 1 hour

In this webinar, Mike Distefano, Korn Ferry’s President for Asia Pacific, and a panel of Korn Ferry experts in the region will talk about the current crisis and what leaders and organisations need to do to become more agile, transparent, and forward thinking – not just to weather the current virus storm - but more importantly, to prepare for the inevitable market recovery.

Webinar 2: Employing agile reward strategies for a volatile world

Recorded on 7 April 2020
Duration: 30 minutes

Organisations are grappling with unprecedented reward-related challenges. What strategies and actions should you take in response to the evolving health emergency? How do you prioritize changes to your reward programs? What implementation actions are most effective in a volatile health environment? We'll discuss the challenges and impacts of the current global situation, and share learnings from prior disruptive events.

Webinar 3: Keeping your people engaged and productive through the crisis

Recorded on 8 April 2020
Duration: 30 minutes

As more companies shut their office doors and ask their employees to work virtually, maintaining high levels of engagement and productivity won’t be easy. But with a proven approach to remote connections and team management, it can be done well and set up employees for a seamless return to regular ways of working. 

Webinar 4: Leading in a time of crisis: what to DO and how to BE

Recorded on 15 April 2020
Duration: 30 minutes

Now is a time for leaders to remind yourselves of what your people need you to do, and to pause and think about what type of leader you need to ‘be’ for others. We won’t have all the answers, and silence isn’t an effective response. We need to meet people where they are and understand their concerns, and we want them to stay adaptable and focused as our ways of working and the work itself changes. 


Webinar 5: Protecting your company’s economic health

Recorded on 16 April 2020
Duration: 30 minutes

The behavioral changes needed to fight the public health threat are resulting in an immediate decline in revenue for most businesses. From near-term take-out tactics to longer-term changes to operating models and rewards spend, developing the right response to those economic challenges will help to ensure a full and quick recovery.

Webinar 6: Social distancing without revenue disruption

Recorded on 21 April 2020
Duration: 30 minutes

What happens when in-person meetings aren’t possible? This is the reality for many enterprise sellers as the global spread of COVID-19 drives selling and buying organisations to adopt no-travel, no-meeting and/or social distancing policies. As a result, many companies find themselves with large sales teams of frequent flyers grounded in the office, functioning more like inside sales teams. How to keep sellers focused on performance over presence, and creating customer intimacy in a virtual context.