How to ensure employee engagement during times of change and disruption.

In today’s business environment—where volatility, uncertainty, and change are the norm—attracting, keeping, and developing talent is critical to competitive advantage. This is especially true in a labor market where skilled individuals have more choices.

So what are smart employers doing to adapt to change while simultaneously engaging their employees and ensuring that they thrive? Register to view our webinar and find out.

How well are you listening?

The case for continuous listening
Organizations everywhere are finding that creating an employee experience where individuals are motivated and well-equipped to do their jobs isn’t just good for employees—it’s fundamental to the bottom line and to driving business outcomes.

However, in order to fully understand whether they are truly building the culture and experiences that help talent thrive, today’s business leaders also need real-time employee insight via continuous listening programs.

Our solution
KF Listen is an end-to-end employee experience solution. Providing surveys that can scale to address any level of complexity, together with world-class IP and consulting, we can help you measure engagement, then interpret and act on the results. This in turn will not only help drive talent strategy but aid both competitive advantage and the achievement of business outcomes. And it all starts with listening to your employees.

Did you know?
Through our partnership with Qualtrics, we bring clients the best of both worlds. The Qualtrics Employee Experience product provides adaptable, scalable, and forward-looking technology to underpin the expert services Korn Ferry provides to the market. With the Korn Ferry and Qualtrics partnership, you can measure employee data, discover accurate insights, and quickly take action based on proven industry methodologies to improve employee experiences.siness outcomes. And it all starts with listening to your employees.

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