This second in our series of eBooks looks at evading the pitfalls of high potentials and getting the best results from your high potential development program.

The first step for employers is identifying genuine high potentials within their business. Half of the organizations we’ve spoken to express a desire to promote more from within. But only 29% are confident they have a strong leadership pipeline.

So, what’s going wrong?

- If able to start over again with leadership development, business and HR leaders would only keep 12% of their current approach.

- 40% of internal job moves made by people identified by their companies as “high potentials” end in failure. 

Download the second in our series of eBooks for a concise guide on confidently developing the high potential leaders in your organization.

Rethink your approach to high potential with a choice of Korn Ferry solutions, including:

1. Pinpoint potential: Assessments to confidently and accurately identify your high potential leaders.

2. Leverage potential: Development programs to transform potential into executive-ready.

3. Retain potential: Engagement and reward benchmarking tools to hold onto your high potentials. 

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