This pandemic has arrived with incredible speed, and it requires an immediate response.  As continuity plans are put in place, organizations will need to step back to evaluate what is coming next—and what to do when the situation returns to a new "normal".

We are here to support you through each of these phases:

  • NOW: We have put together an action guide for how you can pull feedback in from employees. This guide includes a perspective on what to do, key questions to ask, and guidance for communicating to your employees.
  • NEXT: (coming soon) What you can do as this first wave of activity passes. This will include how to keep your employees engaged and enabled as this pandemic persists. We’ll also help you capture learnings so you can prepare for future disruptive events, and highlight the positive experiences that came out of this crisis.
  • NEW NORMAL: (coming soon) As you return to business-as-usual operations, we’ll help evaluate how your existing listening programs need to flex and adjust while employees transition back. We’ll also help you evaluate options if you experience a surge in postpandemic demand and the related stresses this will put on your employees.
Rising to the challenge

To learn how leaders can deliver a rapid response to the challenges and disruption caused Coronavirus, explore our dedicated advice pages here.

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