Are you overlooking outstanding leaders?

A ground-breaking new study by Korn Ferry shows that senior Black P&L leaders at Fortune 500 companies are some of the highest performing executives in corporate America.

But they are still woefully underrepresented in the C-suite. There are only four Black CEOs in the Fortune 500, none of whom are women. And fewer than 10% of senior P&L leaders are Black.

Only a diverse mix of talent can tackle the complex challenges that organizations now face. More must be done to develop Black talent if organizations are to secure the leaders they need for the future.

Download the report to:
  • Take a deep dive into the challenges Black leaders face.
  • Find out how our 28 leaders beat the odds and made it to the top.
  • Understand the profile of these outstanding leaders and what differentiates them.
  • Hear personal stories and accounts about their journeys.
  • Access insights on what organizations can do to advance Black talent.

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