Top organizations can no longer rely on central hubs of innovation. To be successful, they must look everywhere for innovation, leadership, and ideas. Yet, organizations face a variety of different challenges when it comes to generating ideas and bringing them to life.

For companies to produce successful innovation outcomes, they must have leaders that can foster and execute innovation like a business process. Leaders that can create collaborative alliances and foster an innovative climate in which people feel free to think and act innovatively. Join this session to learn more about how you can develop your leaders’ ability to innovate and lead innovation.

Join this webinar to learn about:
  • The different types of innovation
  • The common barriers organizations face in bringing innovation to life
  • The behaviors and traits that differentiate the top innovators
  • How leaders can build a climate that fosters innovation
Jacqueline Stein
Senior Principal

Cathi Rittelmann
VP, Global Training & Delivery Services

Pete Ambroazitis
Senior Client Partner