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Discover a new way of learning with one of our memberships, specifically built for teams:  Essentials or Essentials Team Experience.

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Essentials: One-Year Membership

Cost-Effective. Flexible. Unlimited.

Maximize your learning with Strategy Execution’s full catalog of eLearning, Instructor-Led Training (ILT), and Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT). New flexible scheduling options offer quick, convenient choices when it comes to your learning goals. You’ll even get a personalized implementation consultant.

Exclusive benefits of the Strategy Execution Essentials Membership include:

StrategyEx Hub Icon-02.png Strategy Execution Hub
24/7 access to our online learning platform that provides you with the learning resources you need, when you need them.
Digital Coach.png Digital Coach
When a learner hits certain benchmarks, automated notifications with reinforcement tools are triggered to help them stay on track. 

SELF Assessment.png
SELF Assessment
Intended to help you identify skill gaps in
the work, people, strategy, and self

Expertly Designed Journeys.png Expertly Designed eLearning Journeys
Recommended learning paths based on the following popular topic areas: 
- Adaptive Strategic Execution
- Traditional Project Management
- Business Analysis
- Lean & Agile

Certificates.png Certifications
Certification options, when applicable, are
earned through world-renowned universities.

Enforcement Tools.png Reinforcement Tools
Microlearning, toolkits, and templates built around the most common jobs-to-be-done, and available through the Strategy Execution Hub to deliver an always convenient learning experience.

Essentials Team Experience

A tailored experience for your teams.

The Essentials Team Experience is a learning journey for groups of 15+ that is tailored to your team’s business context and organizational needs.

You will receive all the features of the Essentials Membership, plus the following additional benefits:

  • Organizational SELF Assessment – Access to our diagnostic tool to assess your team’s skills across 4 domains: strategy, work, people, and self. Includes a comprehensive organizational analysis based on aggregated team results
  • Journey Coach – A dedicated facilitator who will work directly with your team through a particular course
  • Tailored Learning Journeys – Learning paths specifically tailored to your team’s unique challenges, skill gaps, and business needs
  • Private Communities of Practice – Peer-to-peer knowledge exchange through the creation of groups that share information after classroom experiences
  • Custom Branding – The ability to customize our platform with your branding in order to personalize your learning experience and deliver a smooth integration


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Single course annual subscription for individuals | $1,195

Unlimited annual subscription for individuals | $4,999

Dedicated Implementation Consultant

Your Partner in Delivering Value

As part of our Essentials memberships, we assign an implementation consultant dedicated to your account. Their primary goal is to thoroughly understand your business needs and learning objectives so that you get the most value out of our partnership.

Throughout the year, your dedicated implementation consultant will focus on making your teams’ learning experience smooth and fruitful.

Day In the Life.png


  • PDF Book
  • Work Guide


  • PDF Book
  • Work Guide
  • 9 Interviews
  • 5hs Consultation


  • PDF Book
  • Work Guide
  • 15 Interviews
  • 10hs Consultation
  • Workshop Entrance
  • Design Materials