The gender pay gap:

understanding the true story

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What causes pay disparity and why does it still exist?

For years we’ve read bold headlines about the gender pay gap, reporting that around the world men are paid an average of 20% more than women.

Our research confirm this gap but also shows that when compared “like for like”, the gender pay gap reduces to 1.6%. Put simply, a man and a woman doing the same job in the same function and company, get paid almost exactly the same.

But one thing remains true: as a demographic group, women get paid less than men.

Watch our on-demand webinar now to hear global pay expert Ben Frost talk about what causes the pay disparity and why it still exists.

This is a great opportunity to take a closer look at our findings featured in our recent whitepaper ‘The real gap: fixing the gender pay divide’ and to hear Ben answer some questions around the topic. 


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Benjamin Frost

Global Product Manager - Pay
Korn Ferry


Benjamin Frost

Global Product Manager - Pay

Korn Ferry Hay Group


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