What are the reward trends and challenges in Indonesia for 2019?

Indonesia’s economic growth continues to look promising. It is projected to edge higher throughout the year with Indonesia’s reward market growth forecast at 8% - above the projected inflation rate.

Besides the expected GDP growth of 5.5% this year, Indonesia’s growing digital economy has also contributed significantly to the nation’s growth and the rapid pace of the digitalization. Not only will this affect the talent supply, it is also a disruption to the reward market.

As such, many HR professionals are finding it increasingly challenging to retain their employees today. As talent moves across industries, the competition to attract and keep them has put undue pressure on the job market.

Other than offering attractive cash-based compensation, many organizations are also investing in their employer branding in a bid to enhance their employer value proposition as one of their hiring strategies.

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  • The prospects and challenges of the Indonesia economy and digital economy
  • How to navigate the reward challenges in today's growing economy
  • How the digital economy will disrupt the market in terms of talent supply and demand, and reward. 
Stevanus Grandy
Head of Products Group, Korn Ferry Indonesia

Aulia Santosa
Consultant, Korn Ferry Indonesia


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