Setting the right reward strategy in the Middle East.

The Middle East is in a state of rapid change led by ambitious transformation projects, privatisation of public sector institutions and digitalisation accelerating at a speed which is unrivalled.

Organisations are dealing with a range of challenges encompassing digital technologies, demographic changes, the talent crunch, evolution of the employer-employee relationship, flexible working, and more.

With little movement in salaries and reward strategies to keep up with the change, it’s no surprise then that organisations are being forced to reimagine total reward and benefits.

Couple this with a talent shortage of skilled professionals predicted to hit the world as early as 2020, and organisations in the Middle East could be faced with unexpected wage premiums as they try to develop and retain their best people.

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Spyros Dimou
Head of Reward MENA

Spyros Dimou is the Head of Rewards & Benefits in the Middle East. He works with Board of Directors, CEOs and C-suite executives, by advising and supporting them to maximize companies’ impact and return on investment for shareholders, employees, and societies.

Ashish Seta
Senior Client Director

Ashish Seta is a Senior Client Director with over nine years of experience supporting organizations across sectors in the Middle East on their reward strategies, delivering successful projects to major public and private corporations in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and the Levant region.


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