Setting the right reward strategy in Russia.

Rising inflation and an extremely restrained GDP growth has created a difficult economic situation in Russia. Companies are faced with the need to tighten their belts and reduce their budgets for general spend and employee reward, while still offering competitive reward packages to attract and retain talent.

This is made difficult due to several factors impacting reward in Russia, including region, industry, and function, which need to be accounted for when forming compensation policies.

This leads to several key questions for HR professionals:

How can companies motivate employees at no additional cost? What are the forecasts for the wage market movement in Russia? Which method of raising wages is the most effective: general or differential increase? Does the performance of employees affect their compensation?

Listen to our webinar to learn about these challenges and their solutions.

  • Main market trends: increase and forecast of salary increase
  • Changes in the dynamics of the market for payment practices
  • Key trends in wage policies and short-term and long-term incentive
  • Top priorities for benefits and compensation
Alina Gogunova
Delivery team leader, Russia & CIS, Central & Eastern Europe

Valeria Konyamina
Pay delivery leader, Russia & CIS

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