The ability to understand, calibrate, and align work with talent has never been more important as disruption and market turbulence changes what work needs doing and the way it gets done.

But this can be difficult to achieve when the HR process landscape is disparate and disconnected. Many departments work in silos, and the lack of a common talent language means key frameworks like talent, leadership, pay, and career architecture operate in isolation.

A strong job architecture and career framework embedded in your HRIS system leads to great ROI across talent management processes. But what is the best way to implement such a system? How can it be reliably measured, and how can it be scaled and interconnected across the entire organization?

Listen to our webinar, Job architecture frameworks for a changing world, where our experts discuss the challenges and opportunities in implementing a job architecture.

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Benjamin Frost
Solution Architect, EMEA

Benjamin Frost is a Solution Architect in Korn Ferry’s Products business.  He works with Korn Ferry’s largest clients to help them use a broad range of IP, tools, product and advisory services in an integrated way.

Tracy Bosch
Work Measurement Leader, North America

Tracy Bosch leads Korn Ferry’s Work Measurement practice for North America.  She is a steward of our world class job evaluation tooling, standards and solutions, and is recognized as a global thought leader in talent and pay strategies that address work and workforce changes.

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