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Even before the global crisis, a review of executive pay was long overdue. Leaders are managing increasingly dynamic organizations. The expectation of the role corporations play in society has evolved. And leaders themselves have different motivations and values. Given these new realities it stands to reason that how we measure, and reward leaders needs to evolve.

Partnering with the Aspen Institute Business & Society Program we have developed the Modern Principles of Sensible and Effective Executive Pay.

Created after two years of research and consultation with, directors, executives, investors and asset managers, these five principles offer a holistic and commonsense perspective on executive pay at a time when societies demand it more than ever. We hope they will serve as a guide to boardroom dialogue on leadership pay and help organizations develop fairer and more effective executive compensation plans.

Please use the download links below for your copy of the Principles and for access to our supporting FAQ document to learn more about how and why these principles have been developed.


To speak to an advisor about the Aspen Principles and how to apply them in practice, please click on the link below.