Five ways to enhance reward ROI

We conducted three pulse surveys from late March to the end of May 2020 asking over 7,500 respondents from 99 countries about the impact of the pandemic on their organization and the changes they were making to their rewards and benefit programs in response.

In this webinar we summarize the regional findings for South America and discuss how businesses plan to evolve their total rewards programs as they accelerate through the turn.

Listen to this webinar to:

  • Understand how COVID-19 is impacting rewards and benefits in South America.
  • Learn how organizations plan to adjust rewards programs in the future.
  • Discover five key areas to focus on when optimizing total rewards.

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Don Lowman
Global Leader Rewards & Benefits

Don Lowman is Korn Ferry’s Global Leader in Rewards and Benefits. He has worked with organizations across the world to design compensation systems linked to initiatives for improving performance, retaining key executives, and enhancing shareholder value creation.

Marco Santana
Head of Rewards & Benefits South America

Marco Santana is the Head of Rewards and Benefits Solutions for South America at Korn Ferry based in São Paulo. Marco has twenty years of consulting experience in the Americas earned while working at three global consulting firms both in New York and São Paulo. Marco’s expertise covers the entire spectrum of Rewards and Benefits, from Mergers & Acquisitions to Total Rewards Strategies, Short-term incentive design, Executive Compensation, Job Evaluation, Salary Structures, Benefits Strategies and Expatriate policies.

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