Our data shows the gap between top and bottom pay is growing on average in all regions.


What does this mean?

At Korn Ferry, we’ve been publishing the pay gap between lower-level employees and senior managers since 2008. So we’ve seen how it’s steadily grown.

Our latest infographic shows data from our global pay database. And it confirms that the upward trajectory is continuing. Since 2008, the pay gap has increased in 77% of the countries for which we have data (the smallest increases have been in Europe and the biggest in the Middle East).

To create the infographic, we looked at the typical pay for people at reference level 20 (a director or senior department manager) in each country. And we divided it by the typical pay for someone at reference level 12 (a skilled manual worker or graduate trainee). We then compared the result with the same figure from 2008 to calculate the percentage difference.

What’s the story behind the stats?

Our results reflect a trend that’s been developing for 30 years, through economic boom as well as bust. Seismic changes such as globalization and digitization have caused the gap between rich and poor to grow. 

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