Setting the right reward strategy in Brazil.

In the wake of a strong recession, Brazil has been going through a phase of highly depressed economic activity, with accelerating productivity growth one of the country's top priorities.

Uncertainty goes beyond the economic outlook: constant change, new technologies, and transformation are the new reality. New jobs with no pay precedent are emerging all the time, and workforce demographics are changing (Millennials represent 34% of the population and 50% of the current workforce in Brazil).

Rewarding deserving professionals is becoming increasingly complex for organizations, and leads to questions like: what is the best reward strategy for Brazil? How can reward meet the needs of a more demanding workforce? How can we ensure internal equity and transparency?

Listen to our webinar, where our Brazil-based reward experts discuss these challenges on getting compensation right.

Register to discover:

  • The prospects and challenges on the Brazilian economy
  • How to navigate the reward challenges, implications and practices
  • How digital economy will disrupt the market in terms of talent supply, talent war, and reward
Gilberto Cupola
South America Regional Pay Leader

Felipe Collesi
Client Partner - Executive Compensation


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