Setting the right reward strategy in Germany.

One of Germany’s undisputed strengths is its economic performance, but lately it has been facing a general feeling of uneasiness.

The automotive industry, which Germany is a champion of, is experiencing troubles amid falling production and sales figures. Germany’s challenges don’t stop there; global tariff disputes, digitalization, and industrialization 4.0 are creating uncertainty, which contributes to hesitation in business decisions.

In addition, the rise of new jobs without precedent are forcing the traditional recruitment market to change, and putting pressure on Germany businesses to cope. Companies are being forced to ask themselves a number of questions including: what is the best way to attract talent? How do you encourage talent to stay? And how do you motivate them to perform when the way we have managed performance so far seems to be broken?

Join our German reward experts as they discuss how to set the right compensation strategies in the face of these challenges.

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  • The latest salary forecasts and market trends in Germany.
  • Changes the German market is likely to face and how this will impact pay and reward.
  • How German organizations should respond to these changes to attract and retain top talent.
Christine Seibel
Principal and Team Leader

Annette Goldhausen
Senior Principal

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