Prior to COVID-19, the average sales organization struggled to develop a world-class talent strategy, from creating a pipeline of highly qualified candidates to growing and retaining existing talent. Just 32% of organizations believed they had the right sales people to meet their business goals, and only 24% assessed why their top performers won.

Talent gaps like these can derail organizations, and chief revenue officers and chief human resources officers must align on the impact of a changing world and what it means for sales roles moving forward. 

Join sales talent experts Byron Matthews, Purbita Banerjee and Mark Grimshaw in our on-demand webinar, The future of sales talent: Understand the full picture, as they show sales and human resources professionals how to guide their sales force through this crisis and beyond.

During the webinar you will:

  • Uncover the traits and competencies that have become more prominent as a result of industry trends.
  • Find out how to close the gaps between the sales talent you have today and what’s needed to drive future success.
  • Gain research-based approaches to develop your sales force.
Byron Matthews
Global Sales Solutions Leader & CCO, Korn Ferry

Purbita Banerjee
Senior VP Product Management, Korn Ferry

Mark Grimshaw
Executive Director Global Consultancy, Korn Ferry

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