The role and purpose of business in society is evolving. Customers, investors, and employees are demanding that companies play a more active role in social change. The role of the Chief Sustainability Officer has never been more important.

Korn Ferry interviewed more than 50 CEOs and CSOs in organisations around the world, to understand the role sustainability now plays in their operations, strategy, culture and leadership. Our findings show that 2020 has become a tipping point for sustainability as a business imperative. To build future resilience, organizations need a CSO to drive strategy and change. 

Download this new Korn Ferry paper to explore:

  • The nature of the CSO role.
  • Success profile: the capabilities and attributes of the ideal CSO.
  • What to measure: metrics that matter.
  • How CSOs can shape culture transformation.
  • The Sustainability Maturity Mode.

“Sustainability has to be part of the value proposition – demonstrating at least one of growth, building trust, reducing risk or lowering cost. In this way, you show the direct link to the business case.” Rebecca Marmot – Chief Sustainability Officer, Unilever