Our studies showed that organizations that have transformed successfully have made meaningful structural changes. However, there was no one format for success. To successfully transform, you must understand what trends are impacting the unique needs of your business and what changes it will need to make in response. This is foundational to making the decisions that will shape where your organization and workforce are headed.

In this 30-minute knowledge burst about the future of work, we will explore four trends organizations need to be able to interpret.

Join Korn Ferry experts as they examine where things are moving more rapidly or slowly, or very different than anyone might have predicted:

  • Cognitive load: The cognitive load aimed at us in our work and daily lives can leave us depleted and lost in a maze of information, useful and useless alike. Our experts will discuss the impact of cognitive load on health and productivity.
  • Team charters: Having clarity around team purpose and goals is the key to a high performing team, especially in a time when teams are often created and expected to deliver in a short space of time. We will look into why teams should codify their “rules of engagement” before diving into task mode.
  • Changing career paths to leadership roles: We need different leaders tomorrow – and organizations are rethinking what career paths will deliver the experiences those leaders will need.
  • Workforce challenges of flatter organizations: Organizations have flattened, for reasons ranging from cost to inclusion – but unintended consequences abound.
Melissa Swift
Global Leader, Workforce Transformation
Korn Ferry

Jenny Smyth
Senior Client Partner
Korn Ferry

Lisa Harrison
Associate Client Partner
Korn Ferry

Cynthia Cottrell
Senior Client Partner
Korn Ferry

Michel Buffet
Senior Client Partner
Korn Ferry

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